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Best Tourist Attractions in Bursa, Turkey

Bursa City

Bursa is also known as the Green City and the reason for its designation as the Green City is the large number of parks in it in addition to the vast forests. The city of Bursa is famous localy and internationaly for being a wonderful tourist area, so visitors to Turkey and tourists when they enter the country they must not miss it.

A large number of tourists come to Bursa every year, because of its proximity to Istanbul, the first Turkish city to receive tourists. Cruise from Istanbul to Bursa takes two or one and half hour. And Cruise is the best transport.

The most prominent tourist places in Bursa are the following:

 Uludag Mountain

The name Uludag in Turkish means the highest mountain and is considered one of the most important winter tourism centers in Turkey and the Middle East.

Its height is 2543 meters. It has a beautiful national park and can be reached by cable car or car and is about 22 km from Bursa. You can book a trip to Mount Uludag with us.


uludag mountain

Saitabat Waterfall

Located at the bottom of Uludag Mountain, in combination with the beauty of Uludag, it creates a beautiful nature, along with the splendor of the clear waterfall flow, there are many beautiful green dense trees that surround the waterfall and form a charming natural atmosphere. You can book a trip to Bursa Falls with us.

saitabat waterfall

Historical İnkaya Plane Tree

The historical tree Tarihi Çınar Ağacı is located at the beginning of Uludag Mountain, a 600-year-old tree. It is a symbol of the city of Bursa. Under the tree there is a beautiful cafe with a wonderful view of the city. You can book a private trip to visit the historic tree with us.


historical plane tree

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