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Best Shopping Center in Istanbul - تور فور اربز
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Best Shopping Center in Istanbul

Best Shopping Center in Istanbul

This report is your guide to the most important malls of Istanbul , which is characterized by built architectural distinctive , inspired by the heritage of the Ottoman and culture of Turkey between the shops commercial high – end brands Knits global, restaurants appetite, and the cities of entertainment – games interior giantWe will arrange for you the most large and well-known shopping centers Mall Of Istanbul Is the Mall Of Istanbul is one of the most important malls Istanbul modern features Bamtdadh on an area wide, and perhaps take more of the day to enjoy roaming in it and discover all its secrets .The huge commercial complex was inaugurated in 2014 and consists of six towers whose design was inspired by the city ​​of Istanbul itself, where the complex consists of 4 residential towers , an office tower , a large building dedicated to the hotel and hotel units , and a huge shopping mall .Contains what at least about 400 shop, and many signs brand distinctive and global , diverse exhibits shops between fashion, electronics, foods and folk, furniture and home furnishings, toys children,Also, the mall itself contains a high-end residential complex that you can invest in Zorlu Mall Istanbul Includes Zorlu Mall of Istanbul on the 1205 shop business for many of the brands global, distributed shops on three floors , two floors closed Adman dozens of shops brands business upscale for all fashion clothingWith the presence of floor dedicated to all restaurants and Alcaviac contain a lot of restaurant owners signs business global and Turkish, in addition to floor loft like a field characterized by its design architecture is stunning , which includes shops commercial brands international in the air outdoor distributed shops on both sides in a manner geometric contemporary up , including spaces green and bodies of water , which It gives it a stunning aesthetic view .Also, Zorlu Mall contains a very luxurious residential complex overlooking the Bosphorus, with the 5- star Raffles Plus International HotelIstinye Park Mall in Istanbul Located Mall Astineya Park in the area Sarar in Istanbul , The Mall Astineya Park of the most luxurious and finest malls in Istanbul, contains a lot of popular brands world known brands and Turkish local .It Contains Astineya Park on stores many of a population of more than 300 shop and brand business include clothing , shoes , jewelry and Alakssuart, in addition to the galleries show the cinema and theme park entertainment for children, and includes lots of restaurants and cafes varied from months brands of foreign and TurkishIstinye Park complex is distinguished by its movable glass roof that opens and closes according to the weather in winter and summer, which makes it special and worth a visit . Vadi Istanbul Shopping MallIt located within the area of the Valley of Istanbul and is the largest centers trading on the level of Turkey, and the best malls Istanbul characteristic where stretches on an area of 103 thousand meters square, featuring complex commercial huge more than 300 stores of stores clothing and fashion with brands the world ‘s leading .Istanbul Valley Mall also contains a number of cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers for games for adults and children . It features a mall Valley Istanbul embracing for one of the latest technologies display film on the level of the worldWhat gives more appeal to Mall of Istanbul is that it contains the largest residential complexes inside a shopping mall overlooking the forest and with the Radisson Blu Hotel and the Radisson Blu Residence Hotel Apartments Kanyon Mall in IstanbulIs located mall in the district of Levent commercial center of Istanbul, is one of the malls shopping the most sophisticated and modern in Istanbul, featuring complex Canyon Istanbul design architecture unique draws attention, it has been designed on the body mimic the slope of the valley which is what is meant by the word Canyon Turkish, and consists of a building Mall of the Canyon of three floors, and spread it is more than about 160 stores of the most important and most famous brands global luxury . Venezia Mall in IstanbulIt is known also as the Mall of Venice in Istanbul, located in the area of Osman Gazi Pasha in the side of the European from the city of Istanbul, featuring more than 180 stores commercially diverse between shops Venice Mall Istanbul .You will see in Venice Mall of the Istanbul city of Venice Italian fresh in front of you streets and squares and monuments of ancient, you feel while roaming in the Mall of Venice Istanbul like the center of the city of Venice, where you see the channels of water – mediated stores business, and give the place magnificence and splendor, and topped with bridges that can help you on the movements in throughout the mall easily, which it is designed by creative great attraction to many of the tourists even became the most important malls of Istanbul, and most famous landmarks tourism in Istanbul .You will be surprised, as you wander in the middle of a copy of the Italian city ​​of Venice , where an ancient square of character was built , in the center of which is a tower around which Italian and international restaurants and cafes are spread .The distribution of shops business in Venice Mall of Istanbul on the banks of canals water exquisite place where the boats elegant reminiscent of the city of Venice ancient .In conclusion, also for those who want to invest in a residential complex similar to Venice, in Italy, the mall guarantees a residential complex overlooking the mall

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Best Shopping Center in Istanbul

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