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Bebek - تور فور اربز
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The area Bebek is one of the most prominent points of tourism in Turkey , particularly in Istanbul , the European , which has a climate of coastal recreation refined and gorgeous by virtue of its location on the Strait of Bosporus and the interest of the population of the wealthy pain Dinah out, this addition to the range is limited from the effects of the Ottoman , which is due dating to the era of Prime Minister Ibrahim Pasha.Sits area Bebek Istanbul on along the coast of Europe to the Strait of Bosporus, which is one of the most important areas of tourism in Istanbul , which constitute the importance of great on the level of tourism in Turkey .Located area Bebek in Istanbul within the limits of the municipality of Besiktas, which is witnessing popular tourist great of Arab travelers and others of tourists .

Divisional neighborhood which is natural in it makes it a distinctive shrug one bored of them .Old and as before this age, the neighborhood upscale of the municipality Beşiktaş village small bearing the name of Hlaa ( ports ) is inhabited by fishermen , fish and the rest of the ships during the flight long, so before that bears the name of the officer responsible for the protection of the reign of Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror .

Of the most beautiful places in the area Bebek Istanbul is a garden Bebek which is considered the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul , which stretches on an area of 16 thousand meters square on the banks of the Bosphorus has been opened in the year 1908 AD and renewed in the year 2008 AD, and includes trees dating back to a century of time to add because of the types of many of the flowers colored exquisite beauty , where the views of the garden on the sea gave a scene charming and beautifulFood appetite in restaurants Bebek Istanbul taste another as offering these restaurants luxury best cuisine Turkish kebabs Turkish enjoy eating lunch and you’re sitting in the middle of the most beautiful views of the sea and the garden, and for lovers of accommodation in the area Bebek in Istanbul , we advise you to choose a hotel Bebek Istanbul high – end that provides you comfort and services FullAs can visitors area Bebek Istanbul break in one of the cafes scattered on the coast to sip a drink favorite they have, but lovers of fashion and fashion , the street Bebek Istanbul featuring the most important role of fashion Turkish world by offering the latest designs clothing and fashion world. 

The Most Important Activities that can be done by the Bebek Istanbul

Asian Museum

If you’re from the amateur and those interested in the domain of literary you can get closer to look no further visit this museum , which reviews the progress of the greatest artists of the literature of modern and contemporary Asia and the world and the most important of their literary .It is worth mentioning that the Museum Aşiyan or Museum of Asian Bebek Istanbul was on the basis of a house hearted poet Turkish Tawfiq thought until the year 1915 before converted to a museum in 1945 .

Ayazma Park

One of the best parts of hiking with the family and children in the area of Bebek , where they can exercise and take advantage of the trails to walk that provided by the park between the areas vast of plants and bodies of the green, while playing with children young in the area of games for their .

Club Cadillac Yacht

The Club yachts of the best places tourist high in the area Bebek in Istanbul , where includes club marina huge yacht and ships tourist that owned by the wealthy region and can be rented for a trip freely fantastic along the coast of Bebek Istanbul and enjoy fishing for fish and watch popular landmarks neighborhood tourist from post.

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