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Aziz Paul Walking

Aziz Paul Walking

This time our walking tour to the east of Antalya, the spread of Christianity after Jesus to perhaps the most additive, St. Paul’s visit in Turkey which goes back two thousand years to ancient city.St. Paul’s Christianity to spread around the places where, in the recent period, Turkey’s domestic and foreign hikers constitutes one of the favorite routes. For a long time Cate Clow is a British traveler who live in Turkey, he is preparing himself to walk the trails, even the ‘St. He’s got his book, Paul Trail. The route starting from Perge, which is 10 kilometers east of Antalya, constitutes a walking distance of approximately 500 kilometers to the east of Eğirdir Lake. Of course it is impossible to walk at once, we walked around 4-5 day tours into the area.

Intertwined Nature and History

This section begins from the ruins of Heraklia and continues through the walk up to the Monastery of Sylos to the mountains of Latmos. During the walk, we pass through the wooden and old stone houses of the people living in the vicinity and find the opportunity to participate in their daily lives. Our tour also includes Heraklia, the main Greek / Roman city. Our route is mostly followed by ancient ancient ways and old migration routes, which are used in Roman times, decorated with volcanic rock and hilly. In addition, the magnificent view of Lake Bafa, flowers grown in the natural vegetation and the birds enrich our walk.Bodrum Milas Airport waiting for us for an hour after the minibus waiting for us, during our tour Kapıkırı Village (Antique Heraklia) We reach Selene Pension. In general, accommodation is made in village houses. This time, we will stay at the hostel.After breakfast and a short drive, we arrive at the summer tea gardens and walk through the olive groves. During the march, we find several ancient Byzantine ruins. We have lunch at Ceri Cs restaurant on the shore of Lake Bafa.

Walking on volcanic rocks is sometimes difficult.

On the third day we start walking from the hostel. Two and a half hours walk to the pre-Roman Pınarcılar Road. After a pleasant picnic at noon, we follow the footsteps of St. Paul and walk about as long as an hour and a half to the Sylos Monastery, which has survived until today. Unfortunately, there is no protection, the monastery and the church stand out for the destruction of nature and people.Our fourth day route is Gökkaya Village. We walk all day watching the magnificent view of Lake Bafa. The walk lasts six hours and ends on the island of. Here, our boat is waiting for us and we are ending our day with a wonderful journey in Lake Bafa by watching the reflections of the rocks in stagnant water during the most beautiful hours of daylight.Covering the cliffs like red-colored algae, the plant colors our way, blue of the lake and a different table in the gray-blackness of the rocks.On the last day, we go to Karahayıt by minibus, and we walk to Yediler Monastery. BC over the road. four thousand years, that is to say, six thousand-year-old wall paintings. After a seven-hour walk, we arrive at Gölkaya and arrive at the lake. Warm and fatigue encourages us and we throw ourselves into the waters of the lake. We’re going back to our pension by minibus. We rush to get back to Istanbul airport.

About St. Paul

St. Paul, who pioneered the spread of Christianity, especially in Greek and Roman lands, never had the opportunity to meet Jesus. During the 20 years that he traveled, he made his letters to the people, and these letters later found their place in the Bible. He was born in Tarsus as a member of the Jewish and Roman Empire. He made his travels on foot or by ship. Three tours in 20 years, Cyprus, including the east of Antalya, went north to Konya. He reached Italy in the West, including Malta, and died in Rome.

Day 1: Istanbul-Bodrum flight departures. Transfer from Airport to Kapikiri. (1 hour) Accommodation at Selene Pension.

Day 2: Four hours walking, lunch at Ceri yürüyüşs restaurant.

Day 3-4-5th : Walking, accommodation at Selene Pension throughout the entire trip.

Day 5: Transfer airport. Bodrum-Istanbul flight return

  • At least 6, at most 12 people.

IncludingAll transfers, Domestic Flight tickets,  accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Guiding.

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