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Aynalikavak Kasrı - تور فور اربز
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Aynalikavak Kasrı

Aynalikavak Kasrı

Kasimpasa Hasköy is not exactly known when it was built; According to Evliya Çelebi, it was built by the Captain-I Derya Halil Pasha in 1613 in another period.After the treaty of the Venetians leaving the Mora to the Turks through the poplar trees in the Aynalıkavak name garden and the Pasabakian Treaty, the Ottoman Sultan III.

They come from the mirrors they give to Ahmet. The building was built on a sloping ground and the garden was decorated with various trees. It is entered from a veranda into the entrance space, and from there a large saloon is passing. Silk upholstery on three sides of the hall, on the walls on the blue background is written in gold gilds III. There is a poem belonging to Selim.

The hall looks like a supply room with windows decorated with lines overlooking the garden on three sides with a dome on it.In the early 19th century, space was also known as the garden. Structure II. It was restored to Kirkor Balyan by Mahmut; The present form is the third one.

Selim took it in time. Aynalikavak Kasrı has hosted many entertainments in the Tulip Era and the Aynalıkavak Treaty signed between the Ottoman State and Russia on 9 January 1784 by Abdulhamit I.Today, there is a research center and a museum on the lower floor of the kasr, where Turkish music instruments are exhibited and sometimes art music concerts are held.

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