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Antalya - تور فور اربز
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Antalya has taken the name “Turkish Riviera” thanks to its archaeological and natural beauties. Antalya, where sea, sun, history and nature are integrated in a magical harmony, has the most beautiful and clean coasts of the Mediterranean. 630 km. Along the Antalya coast, there are ancient cities, ancient harbors, monumental tombs, lace-like bays, beaches, lush forests and streams.The first name of Antalya was Attaleia, then Adalia, Antalia.The first reigning group in the Antalya region is known as the Bergama Kingdom. Antalya King II. It was created upon Attolos’ initiatives and request.

After the Bergama Kingdom was deleted from the history scene, Antalya passed to the Roman Empire. Dozens of historical places and artifacts remained from the Romans to the city.Antalya, which became the Byzantine land after the disintegration of the Roman Empire, later passed into the hands of the Turks.The location of Antalya has made the heart of summer tourism beat here. Tens of thousands of local and foreign tourists come to Antalya every year.

This is a great achievement for the country.In addition, the lands of Antalya are very suitable for agriculture. Greenhouse cultivation is also very common. Almost all fruits and vegetables have the opportunity to grow in Antalya. However, citrus fruits (tangerine, lemon, orange, grapefruit) are the most produced fruits. In addition to fruits such as apples, peaches, pears and grapes, all kinds of vegetables such as peppers, beans, tomatoes, eggplants are grown.

Fishery is an important economic activity following the sheep, goat and cattle breeding in Antalya. The city, which has a coast to the Mediterranean, makes the best use of this sea’s rich fish variety.In addition, the hinterland of Antalya port is also very wide. In this respect, it is one of the key ports of maritime trade in our country.


Places to visit in Antalya Old City

Kaleiçi is the place where Antalya’s most frequently visited historical houses are located. Kaleiçi is the most frequented place for many local and foreign tourists and it is one of the top places to visit in Antalya. Almost every street in Kaleici goes out to sea. Historical Ottoman houses have a magnificent structure. Kaleiçi is located in the Muratpaşa district of Antalya. It attracts attention with its colorful shops, bright restaurants and lively street.

Hadrian’s Gate 

Roman Emperor Hadrianus BC. Hadrian’s Gate, which was built in 130 while visiting the city, is considered as the most important work that reflects the ancient times of Antalya.Although the sculptures on the door near Kaleiçi disappeared over time, the inscription in Latin preserved its existence. The marble columns in the Corinthian style of the building, which was once a part of the walls surrounding the city, stand out with its engravings and carvings.

Grooved Minaret

The Yivli Minaret, a 13th century Seljuk artifact, is one of the first Islamic buildings in Antalya. This islamic structure built by Mehmed Bey from Hamioğulları is about 40 meters long and can be reached by 90 stairs.

Duden Waterfall 

Düden Waterfall, which is 10 kilometers away from the city center, is divided into 2 branches after it comes to the surface in the place called Düdenbaşı. The section called “Upper Düden”, especially from these two branches, resembles paradise thanks to its peaceful environment surrounded by rich vegetation.The upper arm of the waterfall, which includes restaurants, cafes and shops selling souvenirs, is also known as “İskender Waterfall” because of the story that tells that Alexander the Great was drinking water while passing through.Lower Düden (Karpuzkaldıran), which forms the other branch, pours into the sea by creating a unique view from Lara.

Antalya Archeology Museum

Antalya Archeology Museum, located in Konyaaltı, was founded in 1922 under the leadership of Süleyman Fikri Erten in order to prevent foreign archaeologists who came to the region from looting the historical artifacts when the city was occupied by the Italians.Nearly 5 thousand works are exhibited in the halls of the museum, which is one of the places added by the travelers who want to know about the history of the city, to the list of places to visit in Antalya.In the children’s section within the cultural facility where the finds from the surrounding ancient settlements can be examined, toys from ancient times are included.

Kursunlu Waterfall

Kurşunlu Waterfall, which was taken under protection as a nature park in 1986, is located in a 2-kilometer valley surrounded by forest cover. The natural beauty, which is located 7 kilometers inside the road separation on the 24th kilometer of the Antalya-Isparta road, consists of 7 small waterfalls, the highest of which flows from 18 meters.

Antalya Aqualand Dolphinland 

Antalya Aqualand Dolphinland, another thematic entertainment center operating in the city, creates the opportunity to have fun both in pools with different designs and with cute sea creatures.Dolphins, white whales and seals form the permanent guests of the water park of the water park, which attracts holidaymakers of all ages with its pleasant environment.

Konyaaltı Beach

Konyaaltı Beach, which is one of the two popular areas where you can swim in the center of the city with Lara, covers the 7-kilometer coastline from the Falezes to the Antalya Port.

Bridge Canyon 

Köprülü Canyon, where Köprüçay is one of the most famous rafting trails in the world, is named after the structures built on it. The canyon, whose part within the borders of Manavgat District was declared a national park in 1973, attracts holidaymakers with its rich variety of plants and animals as well as its historical values.

Perge Ancient City

Perge Ancient City, also known as the “Water City” due to its large baths and numerous fountains, is located in Aksu District, 18 kilometers east of the city center.The ancient city, which has been the capital of the Pamphylia Region, where caves such as Karain and Öküzini, used for settlement in prehistoric times, and Beldibi, Belbaşı rock shelters, remained important for a long time.Thanks to the excavations, the first of which began in 1946, sections of the city such as Theater, Stadium, Agora, South Bath, Colonnaded Street and Hellenistic Gate were unearthed.

Manavgat waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall, which is 80 kilometers away from the city center, has become popular among travelers with its natural beauty. Low height; However, the waterfall, which is poured from a large cliff, provides its visitors with the ideal environment where they can spend a holiday in touch with nature.

Antalya Museum 

Antalya Museum building was built in 1922. There are about 30 thousand works in the museum. This figure makes Antalya Museum one of the most valuable museums in our country. Anyone who wants to reach important information about the history of Antalya should visit the Antalya Museum.

Local Foods of Antalya

Carsi SoupKeskekTahini with PeasLump RoastChickpea HeadCive MealTarator RoastEared SoupShish MeatballsTarhanaAraka MealFlour Halva

Most Popular Luxury Hotels in Antalya

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