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Airport & Flying Terms - تور فور اربز
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Airport & Flying Terms

Airport & Flying Terms

What’s a Lounge?

The Lounge is a private passenger lounge created by some of its companies for the comfort of passengers at airports before the flight. Meals and drinks can be served and rest in these lounges while waiting for flight time.

What is the CIP service?

CIP (Commercial Important Person) are special services provided at the airport for persons of commercial importance. Special services include free food and drink, wireless internet and desktop computers, comfortable seats, TV and radio, special vehicles to go to the plane and seat selection privileges such as priority.

What electronic devices are not used inside the aircraft?

You may experience a slight confusion about the restrictions imposed on the use of electronic devices just before your flight. But don’t worry, because the cabin crew onboard will always be ready to repeat the necessary directions and warnings for you.

So what are the electronic devices that are prohibited or restricted to use inside the aircraft?

First of all, it is worth noting that all electronic devices except electronic watches, heart, and hearing aids are prohibited during the departure and landing of your aircraft. On the other hand, there are also electronic devices that are allowed to be used after the aircraft has switched to normal flight. So let’s look at all the electronic device usage lists one by one.

Electronic devices not prohibited during flight:

Hearing aids, heart devices, solar-powered equipment, battery-powered equipment.Devices allowed to be used after the belt lights went out after the plane took off and landed:Mobile phones belonging to aircraft personnel and private mobile phones belonging to passengers.

Devices allowed to be used while in flight:

Video cameras and recorders, cameras, electronic toys, computer games, music players with MP3-style headphones, laptops and Dvd players, calculators and tablet computers.

Devices that are strictly forbidden to use in flight:

Mobile phones, radios, remote control toys, speaker devices, printers, mini-disc devices that are in recording condition, large stereos, pocket radios without headphones, small televisions and Bluetooth receivers.

Devices that can be used with special permission during flight:

* Electronic devices for medical purposes.

How about eating and drinking on the plane?

It is important to avoid all kinds of fatty and heavy foods to make your flight more comfortable. But the inevitable need to eat and drink on long flights also makes it necessary for us to offer you several suggestions. During the flight process, food and beverage service is one of the most enjoyable moments for passengers. The service, which starts immediately after the departure of the aircraft, consists of menus created by a combination of successful things to cater to different tastes.

Of course, there are some differences between these menus depending on your flight time and the class you are traveling in. Yet you can be sure that every airline company is trying to please its passengers meticulously.People who are allergic to any food or who request a special menu should notify the airline at least 24 hours before the flight and warn them to take the necessary precautions. This allows you to access food and drinks that are not normally served on the plane but are serviced for your personal needs.Airline companies, aware that food and beverage services add a distinct pleasure to the passengers during the flight, try to keep their passengers pleasant throughout the flight with snack flavors and ready-made products. Especially on long journeys, we can say that services that start with a welcome drink continue until the time the plane will land.

What to look out for when the plane lands

As soon as the Pilot landed, you probably saw applause on the plane. This is because, as I shared in my article about what we should pay attention to when taking off, the fears of those who are afraid of plane journeys are concentrated in the stages of takeoff and landing.  Everyone is happy that the plane landed smoothly.Certain rules must be followed to ensure in-flight safety and prevent health problems during landing. Paying attention to these rules will also reduce your fears about the plane.

As The Plane Descends

It is the process that begins with the pilot notifying him that he will land the plane and stating that cabin attendants must take the necessary positions. You should not walk around and sit in your seat. With the announcement of the landing, the seats should be placed upright, the arches should be fastened tightly, the windows should be open and the front coffee tables should be closed. Electronic devices must be shut down completely. It’s only natural that there are concussions because the plane is going down. As the plane is waiting for permission to land from the tower, it can go in circles and wait for the landing sequence, and you don’t have to worry about that.

After Landing

You must not unbuckle our seatbelts until there is an audible warning from the aircraft screens. You shouldn’t stand up and turn on your cell phones. Unfortunately, I see a lot of people clinging to the phone as soon as the plane lands. These individuals are endangering the safety of the aircraft. After landing, the plane travels a long distance on wheels to slow down and get to where you are going to land. It is necessary to complete the landing without any problems to finish the flight, please wait patiently.It is enough for a nice trip to follow The Points you need to pay attention to when landing. Because plane travel is the most reliable way to travel, you can easily travel by air. Have a safe journey.

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