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Aircraft Seat Classes: What are the Differences in Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class Seats? - تور فور اربز
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Aircraft Seat Classes: What are the Differences in Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class Seats?

Aircraft Seat Classes: What are the Differences in Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class Seats?

We discussed the differences between economy, business and first class seats to show what you can get for the money you pay. Look at our list of aircraft seat classes. It wouldn’t be too wrong to say that the economy class is enough for most of us.

To be honest, this is usually the part where we travel unless we get lucky. But it’s not that bad, is it? After all, we all travel to the same place, and in recent years we can say that there have been significant developments in terms of comfort.

Of course, the situation is completely changing if there is an old plane that almost never has the distance of the leg, a single television falling over the headrest of the entire row of seats, and that is right next to a cranky child.In this article, we will discuss in detail what you get for the money you pay for economy, business and first class tickets.

We will even take a look at the premium economy tickets that have been fashionable lately. Nevertheless, the first and most important thing to remember is that all seat characteristics and luxuries (or deficiencies) vary depending on the airline you use, the plane you are riding and the short or long distance you are flying.

Aircraft Seat Classes are:

Economy Class

Do you really need to stay on top of the economy class? Generally speaking, you have a seat, you’re in an airplane, and you’re going from point A to point B. However, the economy class has some differences in itself, most notably the seat width and seat spacing (leg distance).

The seat intervals can range from 28 to 34 inches (71.1 to 86.3 cm) and the seat width from 17 (see comfort) to 33 inches (43.1 to 83.8 cm). Although these few centimeters may not seem important from the outside, when you spend more than 6 hours sitting down, make sure you feel the difference!

Other highlights include power outlets, gift bags, food, flight entertainment, TV screen type and service quality.Today, some airline companies provide flight services integrated with touch screens. All you have to do is enter the card details, add the food and other things to the basket. The cabin attendant will bring whatever they want to his seat.

Premium Economy Class

If you want to mix things up a bit, the premium economy class is called different in most airlines. But they all have the same meaning: a more developed economy class. At the same time, of course an extra charge. However, airfare fees are not as high as business class.The seats will be located in a different section from the economy cabin. Generally, you can expect larger armchairs with larger seats, larger TV screens, better food (which can be interpreted as a larger menu and refreshments, etc.) and more baggage allowances.Well, is it really worth it? Everything depends on the route you are flying, the airline, and whether that few centimeters of comfort make a difference in the flight of the extra drink or food.

Business Class

They say, once you fly in a business class, you can never be happier in the economy class. Although the difference between the premium economy and the economy class is hard to spot at first glance, the differences between the business and the premium economy are immediately noticeable.

This is definitely another place.Simply put: everything is better. You are thoroughly spoiled for pre-flight drinks, real porcelain dishes, with real knives and forks. The seats that can be fully tilted are the general standard for the business class, with a seat width of 34 inches (86.3 cm) and a seat width of 87 inches (220 cm).

Some airlines offer chauffeur-driven transportation if you live at a distance from the airport, and many have a private lounge at the airport, where you can eat and drink for free. Never afraid of excesses, the Emirates’ giant A380 has a full bar with everything special for business class passengers.

What we’re talking about is not a folding table in the airplane kitchen, on the contrary, it’s a real bar with a semi-circular, quite wide drink stock, offering hot and cold snacks in addition to any cocktails you might think of. What more could you want? The business class service has become so good that many airlines have begun to give up their first class seats.

First Class

The peak of flight travel is first class travel to celebrities and super rich. Imagine that all the facilities offered by the business class are presented with a rudeness of luxury. However, there is no significant difference between the first class and the business, except for the privacy and seat size it offers (not to mention that there are many private class seats, not seats on many first class flights).

Of course, one of the most noteworthy differences is the ticket prices which reach up to five times compared to business class seats.You can expect very large seats (32 in. (81.2 cm) wide and 92 in. (233.6 cm).We can say that the quality of service offered by highly trained staff who can predict passengers’ needs and can control themselves when they meet celebrities is unacceptable.

Food quality with menus and meals created by private chefs is also considerably better.It is thought that Emirates’ A380 has missed a little bit again with the spa showered baths which are thought to be floor heating. But Etihad’s A380 is really different. Here you can choose between three different first-class suites, the most luxurious one, a living room, a bedroom (with a double bed) and a private bathroom (of course with a shower) which consists of three rooms.

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