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Aircraft Motion Sickness - تور فور اربز
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Aircraft Motion Sickness

What is Aircraft Motion Sickness?

Airplane motion sickness is a kind of discordance that causes cold sweating, nausea and vomiting during flight. Particularly when the aircraft vibrates and shakes, it is felt intensely; People who suffer from airplane discomfort during air travel can reduce the effects of airplane motion by paying attention to certain points.

How Does Aircraft Arrest?

Airplane motion is due to many reasons, but the communication mismatch between the ear and eye in the body has an effect on this condition. Our inner ear contains hairs that are sensitive to movement. These hairs detect forward movement during an airplane journey; but the eye that sees a fixed sight on the plane cannot understand that the plane is moving. Simply, the ear sends a signal to the brain saying “We are going” and the eye is göz We are standing “. This causes a confusion in the brain and results in dizziness, nausea, sweating, yawning, tremor, fatigue and vomiting. Airplane arrest is a major discomfort that lowers the standard of living for those who regularly travel by air. Certain methods can be employed to minimize or even avoid the effects of airplane retention.

How to Prevent Airplane Motion?

You can sit by the window against airplane retention. This may work if your hovering is not dependent on fear of heights or flight phobia.Shaking in the aircraft is felt at least in the middle and right parts. You can choose these places when choosing seats.When nausea is felt, head movements may be reduced and leaning back may be good.Always choose light foods and consume plenty of fluids before the flight. Avoid acidic and gassing drinks and foods.You can chew peppermint gum before boarding. Peppermint gum is good for nausea.Large-bodied planes transmit motion less, so you will feel less jerk. If you can choose your plane, fly with wide-body aircraft.If possible, board the plane wearing casual clothing. Then you will be more comfortable in the car and reduce the risk of stress-induced aircraft retention.Do not read anything inside the aircraft and do not look at the bright displays.If the situation worsens during the flight, please inform the aircraft personnel.

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