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Agva - تور فور اربز
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Agva means “village between two streams” and “water” in Latin. In the north of Istanbul, Göksu and Yeşilçay are a seaside town connected to the Şile District of Istanbul in the middle of their decks. The Göksu and Yeşilçay streams pass through Agva and fall into the Black Sea. Yeşilçay is the venue of the fishing boats. On the banks of the Göksu there are the hotels. Canoe or sea bike ride on the skyline. A few hours of motorboat rides can be organized. 12 km. Distant Hacil village, famous for its caves and waterfalls. Cove and Kadırga koyl are very convenient for hiking. A resort town that can be visited for 4 seasons. It is worth seeing that the 3 km long golden wreath, fine sandy, gleaming wretched ground. Because the settlement is far from the beach, behind the pine trees, the sea and coast are always clean. You can take a picnic and go to the sea in Kadırga and the Idyllic Koylar, which are only 10-15 minutes away from Ağva and departed from Kandıra road. There is also a tiny koiler that can only be reached from the sea in Agva. The waterfall on Teke road is just 5 km away from Agva. While Agva’s open-air museum resembles a white-brimmed bride from the sea, the Gelin Kayası resembles a hodge-podge look from the land. You can watch these beautiful places closely by holding a motorized boat and following the coast. In the winter months, private conversations in the private spaces of the place, at the fireplace, cost a life time. The beauties of the spring months are not told to describe. Because in the spring months you can see all the colors of nature in Agva, creating a fascinating landscape. Agva is also a very fertile place for those who want to fish. The two rivers and the sea do not leave the fishermen empty. The turtle, antelope, wolf, coyote, wild boar, fox, squirrel, many bird species are especially suitable for hunting the Avalon, which also hosts the kingfisher. The different beauties of Agva also walk on the healing beach, which is said to be breathing clean air and good for rheumatic diseases. You can sit on the edge of the creek, under the trees, on the cushions, on the banks of the river with canoe and sea bikes, in the bungalows you can relax among the birds … You are the closest to Istanbul but far away from the city complex.

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