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Adile Sultan Palace

Adile Sultan Palace

Adile Sultan Palace, located in Kandilli, was built by Sultan Abdulaziz in 1876 in Sarkis Balyan. The park surrounding the palace is entered through the door on the coastal road. Before the death of Adile Sultan, the palace was donated to National Education in 1899 with the request of a girl school. It was restored after a major fire during the period when it was used as Kandilli Girls’ High School.The film of the famous Turkish Films of the Cuban Class was realized here.Currently the restaurant is being used by the Sakıp Sabancı Cultural Center.Sakıp Sabancı Kandilli Education and Culture Center – Adile Sultan Palace ; Went into service in June 2006 to host prestigious invitations. The administration of Adile Sultan Palace is also run by UKTAŞ, which is also the operator of İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar.

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